SH1682 Sheaffer AS9 Imperial Touchdown. (Medium)

SH1682 Sheaffer AS9 Imperial Touchdown.  (Medium)
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SH1682 Sheaffer AS9 Imperial Touchdown. (Medium)

Date: c1960

Size: Caped - 138mm; Posted - 160mm.

Outwardly very similar looking to an Admiral TM Touchdown, the model AS9 is the first Sheaffer pen to bear the Imperial name.  It was produced for a very short time in 1960, and production was stopped by the time the Imperial line of pens were offered in 1961.  This, then, is a very unusual pen in excellent and as far as I can see, undamaged condition.    Both cap and barrel are beautifully glossy and all the trim is gold filled and still bright and shiny with no brassing and no dings.  The cap has a plain, tapered, spring-loaded pocket clip and wide cap lip band.  The barrel imprint is still crisp although quite shallow.  It identifies this as an Australian made pen.   The barrel end blind cap unscrews smoothly for the withdrawal of the Touchdown plunger.  All the internal bits are shiny and undamaged.  The smooth burgundy gripping section is fitted with a short conical Triumph nib.  It is a two-tone nib in a fine point.   

I have fully serviced this pen.  The Touchdown filler works very well and generates excellent compression.  The nib is very smooth and lays down a superb wet and consistent line.

A rather unusual pen, this.

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