SW658 Swan Eyedropper. (Semi-Flexible Medium).

SW658 Swan Eyedropper.  (Semi-Flexible Medium).
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SW658 Swan Eyedropper. (Semi-Flexible Medium).

Date: c1910s

Size: Capped - 5 1/4 inches; posted - 6 1/4 inches.

This very slender Swan eyedropper pen was made during the 1910s or very early 1920s from black ebonite, and it is in very good condition still.  The only cosmetic problems with this pen is a little bit of plating wear to the two gold barrel bands and a fading of colour to the cap.  The latter looks worse in the photos than it actually is.  The pen does not have any model number on it so I don't know exactly which model of pen it is, but it is fairly early as the over/under feed attests. The cap is plain and friction fits to the section.  The barrel is chased with the usual wavy hoop pattern, and bears two gold filled bands - one at either end, which are decorated with incised hoops.  As mentioned above, there is a tiny bit of plating wear, mainly to the band nearest the nib.  The barrel also bears a very clear imprint.  The Mabie Todd nib is fitted with an ebonite under-feed and over-feed.  When you inscrew the section you will see that the feed extends about an inch into the barrel, and still has the twisted metal wire which is designed to help ink flow by overcoming the surface tension of the ink.  All in all, a very tide pen indeed.  

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is a very nice writer and is quite soft - I would class it as a semi-flexible nib.  As with many of these pens, the overfeed does limit the amount of flex you will get but the nib is well capable of producing some very attracting line width variation.  

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