SW747 Fyne Poynt Gold Filled Pencil

SW747 Fyne Poynt Gold Filled Pencil
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SW747 Fyne Poynt Gold Filled Pencil

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 122mm.

A very pretty full-size gold filled Mabie Todd pencil in excellent condition with no damage on it at all.  The only thing going against this pencil is the personalisation on the barrel.  The original owner's name has been professionally hand engraved in  beautiful flowing script.  It says "E. H. Fernando".  The rest of the barrel is machine engraved with an unusual alternating pattern.  The crown will pull off to reveal a fossilized eraser.  You can twist it too to extend and retract the 1.18mm lead.  Further down, the pocket clip is imprinted "Fyne Poynt" at the shoulder and is held tightly to the barrel by two tiny rivets.  

I have fully serviced this pencil and it works perfectly.  

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