VI027 Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite Limited Edition, boxed. (Medium)

VI027 Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite Limited Edition, boxed.  (Medium)
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VI027 Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite Limited Edition, boxed. (Medium)

Date: c2000s

Size: Length - 5 7/16 inches retracted; 6 1/8 inches with nib extended.

The Visconti Pininfarina Carbongraphite pen is a landmark in modern pen design.  Taking design cues from the vintage "Safety" pens, the nib retracts into the body of the pen.  This limited edition pen is No,. 280 of a total of 930 units.  It is a substantioal pen, but not overly large by today's standards.  It is also a superbly engineered pen from the shiny rhodinised screws that hold the metalwork onto the carbon frame, to the little trap-door that closes when you retract the nib to prevent the pen from drying out.  The pen itself has a beautiful grey striated sheen, that looks almost bronzy brown in some lights.  The barrel end has the Pininfarina logo etched into the flat end.  The barrel joins in the middle.  You can unscrew it to fill the pen from its original ink converter.  This is where you twist to extend and retract the nib too.  The business end of the pen is resplendent in beautifully made metalwork including the arched Visconti pocket clip.  The nib is one of Visconti's superb chromium tubular nibs Smartouch nibs in a medium point.  The pen is complete with the black desk holder and black outer box, with all the foam inners and original instruction with the pen's individual and unique identity card. This pen is from a very good customer of Andy's Pens, who is slimming down his collection of unused and as-new limited edition pens.  


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