WE453 Eversharp Skyline Presentation. (Fine)

WE453 Eversharp Skyline Presentation. (Fine)
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WE453 Eversharp Skyline Presentation. (Fine)

Date: c1940s

Size: Length - 5 3/8 inches capped, 5 15/16 inches posted.

A very pretty glossy dark chocolate brown Skyline with all gold filled cap and trim.  This pen is in good condition; the damage I can see on it consists of two cap dings that are around the rear of the cap and thus, whilst they are not small dings, they are not usually noticeable (pictures below).  Apart from that, all is good.  Unusually, there is no plating wear even on the filling lever.  The brown barrel has no noticeable scratches or other imperfections.  The cap has a hemispherical brown derby at the top with that very distinctive over-the-top military style pocket clip.  This has the double tick quality mark at the top of the stem and "EVERSHARP" imprinted down the length of it.  The body of the cap is all gold filled and decorated with incised horizontal hoops.  The barrel has that unmistakable sharp tapering to the end and it is beautifully glossy.  The nib is a very nice Eversharp in 14 carat gold and a fine point.  It has the very nice teardrop detailing on the upper surface, which tends to mark the best of the Eversharp nibs.   

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib feels very smooth to write with and produces a very nice line.  It writes with a good ink flow and produces a consistent fine width line.   

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