WA622 Waterman Le Man 200 Pencil

WA622 Waterman Le Man 200 Pencil
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WA622 Waterman Le Man 200 Pencil

Date: c 1990s

Size: Length- 5 7/16 inches.

This is a beautiful oversized black lacquered and top quality Waterman pencil.  It is in beautiful condition with no damage on it that I can find.  The cap has a tapered black top button with the Waterman logo inset into the flat end.  The pocket clip is anchored onto the top button and is the classic Waterman pierced design that was introduced in the 1950s with the C/F range of pens.  At the base of the cap is a very nice and understated gold plated raised girdle with the imprint "WATERMAN" and "Made in France".  Above this is a narrower gold plated band.  The cap pulls off to reveal the bright brass mechanism with a barely used white pink eraser and a lead storage area below in which are still a number of 0.7mm leads.  The rather clever mechanism has a cam in the cap which converts a twist into a push, so a twist of the cap will eject a small section of lead.  The mechanism is working perfectly.  The point is also gold plated and also in lovely condition.  Just back from the point the barrel begins to taper, with a wide gold plated band separating the gripping point from the tapered part.  

I have fully serviced this pencil,  It works perfectly and is in lovely condition.

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