WA632 Waterman's Pencil.

WA632 Waterman's Pencil.
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WA632 Waterman's Pencil.

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 112mm.

A glossy and very pretty little black celluloid pencils with patches of silver grey and red.  This pencil is in excellent condition with the only damage that I can see being some fine surface scratches that you will need a loupe to spot.  It has a very good glossy appearance.  This pencil was made in Canada in the late 1930s, no doubt for the British market.  This pencil has a gold filled "military" style pocket clip, which is pierced with a distinctive coffin shape to it.  The upper part of the barrel unscrews and you can see that the original if discoloured and hardened, pink eraser is still present.  This can be removed to reveal a space below for storing spare 1.18mm leads.  A crisp and clear imprint opposite the pocket clip declares that this pencil was made in Canada.  Mid-barrel is a single narrow gold filled band.  This is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the point.  I have installed a fresh 1.18mm lead into the mechanism and it is working perfectly.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly. 


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