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CS888 Conway Stewart No. 286.  (Semi-Flexible Broad Stub)
Date: c1930s Size: Capped - 130mm, posted - 165mm. A lovely glossy black Conway in very g..
Ex Tax: £68.00
MS621 Obunsha Teikin (Soft Extra-Fine)
Date: c1960s? Size: Length - 121mm capped - 160mm posted. A very nice example of a J..
Ex Tax: £38.00
PA2832 Parker New Slimfold, boxed. (Medium)
Date: c1970s Size: Capped - 129mm; posted - 141mm. A very nice example of the most uncommon of..
Ex Tax: £32.00
PA2834 Parker Sonnet Pink Gold, boxed.  (Medium)
Date: c2014 Size: Length - 134mm capped; 149mm posted. A lovely old-stock Parker Sonnet founta..
Ex Tax: £155.00
PA2835 Parker Premier Deluxe, boxed.  (Medium)
Date: c2014 Size: Length - 141mm capped; 161mm posted. A beautiful old-stock Parker Premier De..
Ex Tax: £220.00
PA2836 Parker Premier Luxury, boxed.  (Medium)
Date: c2010s Size: Length - 141mm capped; 163mm posted. A majestic old-stock Parker Premier Lu..
Ex Tax: £265.00
PA2839 Parker 51 Aerometric, boxed.  (Fine)
Date: c1950s Size: Capped - 139mm; posted - 151mm. A beautiful glossy India Black Parker 51.&n..
Ex Tax: £73.00
PA2842 Parker 61 Custom Pencil
Date: c1970 Size: Length - 130mm. This very attractive English jet black coloured Parker ..
Ex Tax: £35.00
PA2843 Parker 61 Custom Insignia Pencil, boxed
Date: c1970 Size: Length - 130mm. This very attractive English Parker 61 Custom Insignia penci..
Ex Tax: £40.00
PA2851 Parker 45 Flighter, boxed.  (Fine)
Date: c1970s Size: Capped - 138mm; posted - 150mm. This lovely Flighter is still in excellent ..
Ex Tax: £36.00
PA2852 Parker Duofold AF (Fine)
Date: c1950 Size: Capped - 133mm; posted - 158mm. The AF or "Aluminium Filler" Duofold was mad..
Ex Tax: £60.00
PA2853 Parker Duofold Junior. (Soft Fine)
Date: c1960s Size: Capped - 136mm; posted - 155mm. A very attractive burgundy red Junior Duofo..
Ex Tax: £50.00
PA2854 Parker Victory Mk. V.  (Medium)
Date: c1950s Size: Capped - 137mm; posted - 160mm. A glossy jet black Victory Mk. V.&nb..
Ex Tax: £42.00
PA2855 Parker 75 Thuya Lacque. (Medium)
Date: c1984 Size: Capped - 129mm; posted - 145mm. A beautiful and sought-after Parker 75 in th..
Ex Tax: £150.00
PA2856 Parker Vacumatic Major (Soft Medium)
Date: c1952 Size: Length Capped - 134mm; Length Posted - 151mm. A lovely Canadian emerald gree..
Ex Tax: £110.00
PA2857 Parker Vacumatic Junior Fountain Pen and Pencil Set.  (Medium)
Date: c1946 Size: Length - 129mm capped; 148mm posted. A very beautiful jet black Parker Vac J..
Ex Tax: £120.00
SH1694 Sheaffer Statesman Snorkel, boxed.  (Fine)
Date: c1950s Size: Capped - 144mm; posted - 163mm. A beautiful jet black and glossy Statesman ..
Ex Tax: £78.00
SH1695 Sheaffer Imperial II Touchdown.  (Extra Fine)
Date: c1960s Size: Length Capped - 136mm; Length Posted - 147mm. A beautiful glossy prussian b..
Ex Tax: £46.00
SW714 Fyne Poynt Pencil
Date: c1940s Size: Length - 121mm. A rather pretty silver-grey marbled Fyne Poynt pencil from ..
Ex Tax: £33.00
WA645 Waterman Carene Ballpoint, boxed.
Date: c 2000s Size: Length - 140mm. A beautiful rhodium plated Carene ballpoint.  Th..
Ex Tax: £45.00
WE500 Eversharp Silver Plated Pencil.
Date: c1920s Size: Length - 102mm A very nice English silver filled pencil that is in very goo..
Ex Tax: £23.00
WY079 Wyvern Perfect Pen No. 81 (Medium)
Date: c1940s Size: Length - 131mm capped; 156mm posted. A very pretty green and black marbled ..
Ex Tax: £52.00