CR055 The Croxley Pencil.

CR055 The Croxley Pencil.
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CR055 The Croxley Pencil.

Date: c1930s?

Size: Length - 4 15/16 inches.

This is a good sized  Croxley pencil in a very nice green and black marbled celluloid with gold filled trim.  As usual, I have given this pen a thorough going over and the only damage that I could see is some plating wear to the washer part of the pocket clip that fits below the black end button - you can see it quite clearly on the photos below.  The pencil has a good original gloss, with no scratching or surface scuffing at all.  It has a large conical-ended black hard rubber top button with the washer-style arrow motif pocket clip and a single wide cap lip band, both gold filled. The barrel has two imprints - one saying "MADE IN GT BRITAIN", the other "THE CROXLEY PENCIL / A DICKINSON PRODUCT".  Both are crisp and clear.  This is a propel-repel pencil and works by twisting the cap.  The cap will also pull off and below is the original eraser holder, though the eraser has long gone.  Below this is a space for storing spare 1.1mm leads.  There are none there at present, but I have installed a fresh lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works very well.

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