ME231 Mentmore Auto-Flow (Semi-Flexible Fine)

ME231 Mentmore Auto-Flow (Semi-Flexible Fine)
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ME231 Mentmore Auto-Flow (Semi-Flexible Fine)

Date: c1930s

Size: Length - 121mm capped; 157mm posted.

An attractive full-sized Mentmore.  This one has the ball-ended pocket clip, the more unusual button fill mechanism, and is made from a lovely silver grey and black marbledc celluloid.  It is in very good condition, with just minor plating wear to the pocket clip , and some colour fading to the hard rubber top button, which is now dark brown instead of black.  Both cap and barrel have a lovely original gloss and no noticeable surface scratches.  The cap has a large flat hard rubber top button that holds on the gold filled pocket clip with the Mentmore "M" on the shoulder.  Near the cap lip is a single narrow gold plated band. The barrel end blind cap unscrews to reveal the original brass filling button.  To the side of the barrel is a nice, crisp and clear imprint.   The nib on this pen is not the original, but a Burnham nib.  I suspect this was changed in the late 1950s, but although the nib is not original, it is a lovely writer, and really rather soft. 

I have fully serviced this pen.  The nib is very smooth and lays down a great wet and consistent line with a fine width.  It is a soft nib, despite being steel, I would class it as semi-flexible as it will give you some very attractive line width variation from a fine to a medium-broad with very little effort. 

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