PA2487 Parker Insignia Duofold Lady (Soft Medium)

PA2487 Parker Insignia Duofold Lady (Soft Medium)
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PA2487 Parker Insignia Duofold Lady (Soft Medium)

Date: c1970

Size: Length Capped - 4 11/16 inches; Length Posted - 5 5/16 inches.

This beautiful shiny Lady Duofold is in excellent condition. Apart from the usual very fine and wispy surface scratches, I can see no damage at all on this lovely bright and shiny 1/10 12 carat rolled gold cap and barrel Lady Duofold.  This was the top of the line for the Lady Duofold range in the 1960s and early 1970s.  This is probably quite a late pen as it has the simplified pocket clip similar to that found on the Parker 45 and the late production Slimfold.  Both cap and barrel are decorated with the grouped vertical incised lines. and the barrel has an empty index to the side, into which you can engrave initials, etc. should you wish.   Inside, there is no discolouration to either end of the Aerometric sac guard and the original pliglass ink sac has only the very faintest of minor internal ink staining which indicated to me that the pen may only have been used a few times in its entire life.  The cap has a rolled gold top jewel with a rolled gold Parker arrow pocket clip.  At the end of the barrel is a clear grey jewel.    The barrel unscrews to reveal the Aerometric filler.  The nib is hooded and in 14 carat gold.  It is a medium point.

I have fully serviced this pen.  The Aerometric filler unit works very well and the pen fills as it should. The nib is very smooth in operation and lays down an excellent wet and consistent medium width line.  The nib is a little bit soft and will produce just a tiny bit of line width variation.   

A very nice example of the uncommon Lady Duofold in the top-of-the-range finish.



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