PA2488 Parker 65 Flighter Deluxe Fountain pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Fine)

PA2488 Parker 65 Flighter Deluxe Fountain pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed.  (Fine)
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PA2488 Parker 65 Flighter Deluxe Fountain pen and Ballpoint Set, boxed. (Fine)

Date: c1970

Size: Capped - 5 5/16 inches; posted - 6 5/164 inches.

This beautiful Flighter Deluxe set complete with ballpoint - you probably know that Parker 65 ballpens are a bit like hen's teeth.  This is just the third one I have ever had.  Both pieces are in truly excellent near-pristine condition with just a very faint wear mark to the top of the ballpoint barrel caused by the cap being pressed down to activate the refill mechanism being the only damage I can see on either pen.  No dings, and the very attractive and delicate frosting to both cap and barrel is still completely intact.  I would be most surprised if any of the pieces had been used more than once or twice.  The 65 was a variation on the 61 with an open cropped nib replacing the tubular hooded nib of the 61.  This is a late model set with conical rolled gold cap and barrel jewels.  The rolled pocket clips have a long arrow "flight", again in the Parker 61 style. 

Fountain Pen

The barrel unscrews to allow the fitting of a standard Parker ink cartridge or you can use the original Parker ink converter that is already fitted.  The nib is shiny and undamaged with lots of iridium and in 14 carat gold.  It is in what looks like a fine point. This is confirmed by the original sales label still attached to the pen,s pocket clip.


This is a cap-actuated retractable ballpoint.  It is fitted with a standard Parker ballpoint refill.  You can of course also use the Parker gel refills in this pen, making it into a very stylish gel pen if you prefer.


The textured plastic box is also in excellent condition with just a couple of grubby marks to the top of the lid.  This is a very common fault with these boxes.  It has a red satin pad and a white satin lid lining. 

I have fully serviced this set.  The fountain pen nib is very smooth and lays down a glorious wet and fine width line.

This is only the third Parker 65 ballpoint I have had and the 3rd Parker 65 set of any kind in the last 12 years of selling vintage pens.  A must have for any collector of 1960s and 1970s Parker pens.  

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