PA2516 Parker 61 Classic Pencil.

PA2516 Parker 61 Classic Pencil.
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PA2516 Parker 61 Classic Pencil.

Date: c1960s

Size: Length - 5 inches.

This is a beautiful Parker 61 pencil.  It is in the rather uncommon Surf Green colour with a Lustraloy cap and chrome plated pocket clip and cone.   It is in excellent condition still, with no damage that I can see at all, and has probably been used no more than a couple of times in its entire life.  The cap has a clear grey top jewel, and the body of the cap is delicately frosted.  Around the cap lip is imprinted "Parker" and "Made in England".  The cap can be twisted to extend and retract the 0.9mm lead, and it can be pulled off to reveal an unused pink eraser in the original metal holder.  The Surf Green barrel is lovely and glossy with no scratches, and even still sports a partial factory-applied chalk mark.   This is a propel-repel pencil that works by twisting the cap. I have installed a fresh 0.9mm lead into the mechanism so it is all ready to go.  

I have fully serviced this pencil.  It works perfectly.

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