PA3032 Parker Duofold Pencil.

PA3032 Parker Duofold Pencil.
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PA3032 Parker Duofold Pencil.

Date: c1990s

Size: Length - 134mm.

A near-pristine example of a modern Duofold pencil.  This one is in glossy green marbled resin.  It is an earlier model - probably late 1980s or early 1990s, with the thicker 0.9mm.  It is in beautiful, and undamaged, condition.  It looks like it may have only been used once or twice as there is only very minimal discolouration to the eraser.  Modeled on the 1920s Duofold Senior pencil, or "Big Bro", it has a similar gold plated top with a black inset "jewel".  You twist the top to extend and retract the 0.9mm lead.  The top also pulls off to reveal the original pink eraser, with a couple of spare leads below.  The Parker arrow pocket clip is also gold plated, and there are two gold plated bands just above the cone, which is, you guessed it, also gold plated.  

A beautiful pencil in near-perfect condition.  It works very well indeed.

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