Wing Sung 3013, Transparent

Wing Sung 3013, Transparent
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Brand: Wing Sung
Product Code: WS-3013-TRN
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Wing Sung 3013, Transparent

Size: Length - 134mm capped; 134mm without cap; 14mm max. diameter.

Did you ever wonder how those antique Onoto plunger filled pens work?  Now you don't have to wonder any longer.  The Wing Sung 3013 is a plunger fill pen (Wing Sung call it a vacuum filler) that has a very similar mechanism to those old Onoto pens.  You unscrew the barrel end, withdraw the plunger, immerse the nib in ink, and push the plunger back home.  This creates a partial vacuum behind the piston inside the barrel, which, when it encounters a wider opening at the end of the barrel, allows ink to be drawn into the pen.  This pen is very well made.  It can be completely disassembled for cleaning very easily by just unscrewing the gripping section and the small ring at the end of the barrel will allow the filling unit to be withdrawn through the barrel end.  The gripping section is sealed with a rubber O-ring, as is the packing unit and also the cap!

The cap is very nicely faceted as is the blind cap at the end of the barrel.  The pen has a very good heft and feel in the hand.  The only thing I would mention is that whilst the cap can be posted on the end of the barrel, it does not sit tight, so would probably be more comfortable to use unposted.  The barrel is plenty long enough to allow such use comfortably.  

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