Yard-O-Led Pens and Pencils

In 1822, the first ever propelling pencil was invented and patented by Sampson Mordan. From that point onwards the family-run business continued to develop its unique design carrying twelve three inch leads inside the barrel of the pencil, hence the name Yard-O-Led. In 1934, the Yard-O-Led Company was founded and today continues its traditions of craftsmanship and excellence established nearly 200 years ago. Influenced by original designs of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Yard-O-Led range of writing instruments includes fountain pens, ballpens and rollerball pens in addition to the unique propelling pencil. Each pen or pencil (except the Retro range) is hand crafted from hallmarked sterling silver, individually numbered and comes complete with a lifetime guarantee.

Craftsmanship and Hallmarks

At our workshops in the jewellery quarter of the City of Birmingham, we understand the importance of time-honoured methods of craftsmanship. Uncompromising skill and painstaking detail have been put into each writing instrument we make.

Every Yard-O-Led is handcrafted using traditional turn-of-the-century techniques. All pencils contain one yard of lead (12 x 3 inches leads) from which the name Yard-O-Led derives.


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